By The Sea

It may only be April, but all of this beautiful weather lately has me craving warm days by the water. For as long as I can remember the water has been my happy place. I love to swim or just float in the ocean and feel so content clocking long hours in the summer sun – with high SPF of course. There is something so rejuvenating about time spent on the water and I look forward to it every year. Forever I had mix and match tattered swim wear that didn’t hold its shape very well, but years ago I invested in a beautiful scalloped design by Marysia and I am so happy I did. I wear it every summer and love how flattering not only the cut is, but the slightly thicker material that holds up. I now have a mix of some splurge pieces and more fun budget options. So many of the great swimwear pieces sell out long before summer rolls around, so in an attempt to be on top of it and get excited for the season ahead, I am sharing some of my current favorites. I also love a good cover up and woven bag too!

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