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Happy Friday!

After months of what felt like non stop rain, spring is in full bloom around here. I look forward to lilac season every year, but because of the wet weather leading up to April, lilacs came out later and the season will be much shorter. I will take whatever I can get and I was elated when the farmers market finally had big bundles this week. The faint smell feels nostalgic and reminds me of simple spring days. As someone who lives for the little joys, there is nothing quite like fresh seasonal flowers to bring a smile to my face.

Since the arrival of the sun, I have been spending a lot more time outside and it really does feel good for the soul. I find myself much happier when I can get in long walks and breathe in fresh air. On busier days, even just 5 mins of direct sunshine to soak up the Vitamin D feels incredible. I am the queen of not carving out time for things that actually make me feel better so this year I am making that a priority. Even if it means shifting around my schedule – getting out and moving my body works wonders.

I have also talked about the Insight Timer app a lot, but I have been using it more lately after a bit of a break in morning meditations. I really do notice the difference when I start my day off in a mindful headspace and I love the app’s array of guided meditations and simple breathing techniques. My favorite – Sarah Blondin has a ton of guided meditations that are very moving. Again, even just five minutes can help reset.

Natori Underwear

I am always on the hunt for classic staple pieces that I don’t have to think twice about when purchasing in the future. I am like this with everything from my everyday glassware to my skincare. I love testing out various products to see what actually lives up to the hype and what works well for me. I think I may need to have another post dedicated to this, but I digress. One of these products was underwear. I had tried so many brands and styles over the years, read tons of promising reviews, yet never found anything that I loved. I have worn Natori bras for years (a very tried and true staple), so I am not sure why it never occurred to me to try their underwear, but I am so happy I did. My search is over – their Bliss collection is incredible. It is so comfortable, holds up after multiple washes (a big issue I had with even some higher end brands) and the one size fits all allows for a lot of give (no pinching).

DÔEN Spring Collection

DÔEN is one of those brands that consistently nails it. I live in my DÔEN dresses all throughout the Spring and Summer and love that they have a mix of breezy options and event styles. They can be more of an investment, but they are all so comfortable and make up for the cost in the amount of wears. The Spring Chapter Three collection just dropped – filled with pretty spring florals and hues, as usual I want it all!

Breezy PJ’s

When the weather gets a bit warmer, I tuck my winter pajamas to the back of my drawer and pull out all of my lighter sets. My gauzy set is old Jenni Kayne, but these by Velvet look very similar. It is so nice to have a lived in option with a breathable material that makes at home lounging even better!

  1. Melissa Osigian says:

    The lilacs are beautiful and that scalloped piece of furniture is amazing! Happy weekend!

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