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I have been working behind the scenes to update some aspects of my site to make it more organized and easier to find things. I am also excited to share that The Holiday Shop is now live where you will find holiday home decor and all of my gift pages. I will be adding items to all of these throughout the coming months, but because of the insane delays and stocking issues with most online retailers this year I wanted to get them out as early as possible. I will also be doing another blog post on my favorite small businesses to shop from in the coming weeks. I want to have all of my holiday shopping done by early November, so although I’m not quite ready to slip into a holiday state of mind when fall has just began, this year it felt necessary. I often get questions about my Christmas decor which is typically sold out by the time I am actually decorating, so purchasing early is best. I linked some pieces I have or similar styles you may have seen in my place last year.

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On another note you will find updates to just about all of my shop pages. I tried to make the categories easier to navigate and delete old pieces with broken links. If you are newer around here, my shop pages are where I link almost everything I can, including decor seen throughout my apartment and items from my closet. Again, I will be adding to most of these pages, so be sure to check back!

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