Lamps The Don’t Break The Bank

I remember the days when I wanted a new lamp for my bedroom, so I would head to Target to get my lamp base that always came with a shade for about $40. There was no stressing about what size or style shade to get – it was typically easy and always inexpensive. Now, lighting and lamps in particular have become such statement pieces and like everything else, the cost has gone up. Even retailers like Target charge about $70 for a lamp and the quality is not always there. I have found while no lamp, especially if you are buying a shade separately is dirt cheap, there is a wide range and not all are in the $700 – $1,000 price tier. Flea markets, antique stores and garage sales can actually be some of the best places to score vintage or like new lamps that are inexpensive and the shade can easily be replaced to freshen up the look. It can be much easier to shop online, so I am linking some current favorites below!

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