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I have been a little quiet on here and Instagram lately. Last week Daniel and I made the tough decision to postpone our wedding (to next year) which was the right thing to do, but comes with a slew of logistical headaches. Although it has felt like an emotional roller coaster the past two weeks – in the grand scheme of everything going on in the world we feel extremely grateful. We are both happy and healthy and right now that feels like all you can ask for. I debated sharing, but I know many of you are going through the same thing right now so just know you are not alone!

I think now more than ever I realize the importance of being present in the little moments. Although I still have a ton of work to do, I recognize how much happier I am when I simply slow down and enjoy. This crisis has really made me shift my focus and put so much into perspective. I am excited to start creating again and as I continue to work on our apartment I will be sharing some fun updates!

The At Home Shop. Clocking hours at home seems like our new normal, even when stores start to open again. I created a new shop page with some of my favorite pieces that make being at home more comforting. It is amazing what a great PJ set or nice bubble bath will do for amping up your daily routine. I am going to continue adding to this throughout the month.

HJ Playlist .04. A new month means a new playlist! Music has been feeding me more than ever lately. It really is such a good mood booster. Now that the sun is shining and the weather feels summery, I am all about feel good easy listening. I hope you enjoy the latest HJ Playlist!

My List. I have been looking forward to adding in some breezy dresses that are comfortable to wear around the house. I wore my Natalie Martin dress all last summer and have been looking to get another one. I love this color which is different from what I normally gravitate towards. I also finally went through my jeans and tossed anything that didn’t fit quite right. I am adding in some new styles that are comfy and versatile.

Make Those Updates. I have found this time at home to be therapeutic in a sense because I have finally tackled the annoying tasks that always fall off my list. Now is a great time to do the little updates like swapping out your flattened sleeping pillows (we use these which help support your neck) or changing out any light bulbs that feel dim. It is amazing how big of an impact fresh lighting can have on a space!

Recent Additions. I finally tried the Christophe Robin scalp scrub and loved it! My scalp gets really dry and itchy so I am always on the hunt for something that doesn’t leave a film or strip color. This lathers and completely rinses. I also re ordered my favorite calming serum and a new face mask. Other random purchases include a new steamer and a gorgeous coffee table book!

{Lamp pictured above}

  1. Gina Girolamo says:

    I LOVE your blog, your taste is impeccable! Which light bulbs do you use for lamps? I HATE the bright white of LEDs and wonder if you have found a brand that is softer but not yellow…

    • Thank you so much Gina! It really depends on the lamp/fixture, but I also hate bright LED bulbs. I actually really love filament LED bulbs that cast a much softer light and don’t look too yellow. I have also found a quality lamp shade can drastically affect the lighting and make it look better if the material is a bit thicker.

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