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I know many of us will be cooped up inside as schools continue to shut down and a lot of you are now working from home. I am well versed in working from home, but I am already going a little stir crazy as I try to avoid going out for mundane tasks. I have found it helpful to get out an go for a walk, fresh air can work wonders. Of course it started raining today so I will definitely be clocking more hours indoors.

That is why I wanted to elaborate on yesterdays post a little and show how I would style various pieces for easy outdoor entertaining. I will try and post more frequently because new reading material always helps the time go by a little faster. Feel free to leave a comment with any topics you want to see covered or blog posts you think would be helpful. Stay healthy and try to enjoy this time to get some projects done and be with friends or family!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I love this! and I feel so inspired to create a new outdoor space like this.

    Stephanie | SPV Living

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