Styling Your Outdoor Space

One of my favorite spaces to pull inspiration for is the backyard. Probably because I don’t have any outdoor space and I get so excited thinking about the day we have a house with some sort of yard. Now that the season is about to change I have gotten a lot of questions about suggestions for good outdoor furniture and styling tips. When the weather is right there is no reason your outdoor space can’t mimic the indoors. There are so many great pieces out there now that allow you to layer just like you would a room. Accents like outdoor rugs, poufs, console tables – all make such a big difference and bring a space together!

The Front Porch

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The front porch or front yard is one of my favorite outdoor spaces. It creates such a nice opportunity to set the mood for your home and add some subtle curb appeal. I am a big fan of oversized planters, pretty house numbers, a simple seating set up like rocking chairs, long bench or bistro set.

The Dining Area

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Even if you are working with a small space, a simple dining set up can make a big impact. I love mixing a pretty wood table with lighter colored chairs and adding a large umbrella to offset everything. If you have the room a simple console or sideboard is great for entertaining!

The Lounge

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    These are all such beautiful spaces! Love the ideas and pieces you chose to link! 🙂

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    These are all so beautiful!

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