Seasonal Notes

The seasonal transition of late spring heading into summer has quickly become one of my favorite times of year. Before the days get too hot, but the sun comes up early and lingers around later – there is a lightness in the air. We had a deluge of welcomed rain after years of drought which brought one of the most beautiful springs I have seen in forever. The hills are a deeper shade of green and the flowers blooming everywhere makes Marin smell incredible. It all made me nostalgic for how I remember this time of year when I was younger. I find it incredible how much seasonal shifts get embedded in our memory and the habitual response we have to them. I feel lighter, happier even, spending time outside and enjoying the activities that often lie dormant in the winter months. Buying fresh bunches of flowers, going to the farmer’s market for deliciously ripe berries – it feels so simple and so good. I hope you all enjoy the seasonal shifts and make some time to savor the simplicity!

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