Vacation Packing List

This weekend, Daniel and I are off to Europe for a two week vacation. I can never fully put into words how much traveling rejuvenates me. Visiting new places and spending time away from my normal routine makes me feel whole and incredibly inspired. By now, I consider myself to be a pretty experienced traveler and have learned the hard way that lugging a large, heavy suitcase up and down multiple flights of stairs, on trains and small planes just doesn’t work for me. While I love the idea of having endless amazing outfits, I only pack a carry on suitcase and small weekender bag for every trip. Although it can be a bit daunting, I have become a much better packer and and love not waiting at baggage claim, stressing about lost luggage or having to deal with finding a spot on a crowded train.

I am typically terrible about putting together a packing list BEFORE my trip and often pieces I bring are sold out by the time I put a post together when I get home. I thought I would share some of the staples I am bringing (or similar pieces to older items) and the luggage I use incase you are off on a trip of your own or have upcoming summer plans.

On The Plane

Calpak doesn’t carry my exact suitcase anymore (it was part of their collaboration with Jen Atkin), but this carry on is very similar. I love how lightweight their suitcases are and how smooth the wheels are. It drives me crazy when the wheels are bad and the suitcase doesn’t push nicely, but I’ve never had any issues! For my personal item – I have used the Paravel Weekender for years. This bag is a bit small for a true weekender, which is why it is the perfect addition to a carry on suitcase. It easily fits my laptop, cosmetic bag and other misc. travel items nicely and I can still put it under the seat in front of me.

I need my clothes to be comfortable on a long flight – I admire you wearer of jeans on a plane – and always travel with a cozy wrap and socks. This is so soft and keeps me warm when it gets a little chilly. I also live in these sweatpants and sweatshirt (also like this) to look somewhat put together, but remain extremely comfy. While I wait until I am off the plane, I really like traveling with a sheet mask or two to help rehydrate my skin after flying for a long time. I recently tried these and I am very into the way they make my skin look and feel. Disclaimer – they don’t smell good, but worth dealing with for fifteen minutes for a less tired complexion.

Out & About

With a small suitcase, I try and pack as much lightweight clothing as possible and wear a heavier garment (coat, sneakers) on the plane. I also stick to a pretty neutral palette so I can mix and match a lot of the pieces to shake it up over the course of two weeks.

  1. Karen says:

    Super ideas! Thanks Chrissy. Can’t wait to see all your pics.!

  2. Julie says:

    Thank you for this post and for providing a link to the cute Jenni Kayne mini raffia tote. It just arrived and will be perfect for my vacation in Maui.

    Hope you are having a wonderful time in Europe! Safe travels!

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