Summer Wind Down

These days I am trying to be better about savoring. I am always anxiously awaiting fall and all the scents and sights that come with it, but I truly love the end of summer. The warm early mornings with soft light that fills my apartment, punchy colored florals and time spent by the water are hardly something to rush through in anticipation of another season. Although I do have a relatively mild summer so I get that many of you are like please.. bring on the crisp days! I will always be looking a season ahead at clothes and decor, but it doesn’t mean I can’t savor all of the current goodness. (photo above)

Cook / bake more with in season produce. I have been craving another lemon pasta and giant summer salads.

Go to the beach. This is something I used to do all of the time since I live very close, but lately don’t carve out the time.

Spend more time outside. Long walks or simply reading a book or magazine while sipping my coffee sounds wonderful.

Summery floral arrangements. I often stick to one flower, but lately I am enjoying playing aground a little more and love the look of wildflowers or breezy bright colors mixed together.

forever classic; Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy summer style

Slow evenings spent outside: photo

Pretty sure I would sleep on that dreamy window seat set up

my favorite fall fashion transition – starting to layer sweaters over summer dresses and change up my footwear

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