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I am so excited to finally announce the launch of Harlowe James Home. A curated collection of antique home accents and found objects. I have always been drawn to oddities. Those pieces you come across during your travels or scouring flea markets that stop you in your tracks and pull you in closer. When I moved to Savannah, Georgia for college my love of antiquing grew immensely. I would spend hours after class or weekends perusing the antique stores that sold pieces of history and moments that once mattered to another person. As I started traveling more, I was always keeping my eyes peeled for unique accents that told a story or would forever remind me of that trip. For me, those are the pieces I am always drawn to – in my own home or someone else’s. The pieces you see, that make you wonder – what is that? or where on earth did you get that? Collected accents make a house a home. They add those layers we are always searching for and bring depth to a space. Something as simple as a piece of art or a beautiful bowl can make you feel happy and weave together your own story.

When I started my blog years ago I based it off the feeling that we are all a collection of the places we have lived, the people we meet and the moments we share. I believe this can be encapsulated in found objects. This collection is filled with accessories that are all one of a kind, therefore only one of each piece is available. Everything was hand sourced by me – in Europe, at local antique shops or collected over the years. Every single piece is something I would have in my own home and brings me immense joy. I am so excited for this new endeavor and to finally share the special pieces I come across, with all of you.

In addition to the shop launch I have a new web design to make browsing, shopping and reading posts much easier to navigate. It has been so much fun (and at times a little nerve wracking) to put this together. I can’t thank you all enough for your support and kindness over the years. You truly make me excited to launch new endeavors like this. If you have any questions about the shop, pieces in particular or anything else you come across on the site, simply hit the contact button and let me know! Have a beautiful week and enjoy the brand new HJ home.

Stripe Lumbar Pillow $160.00
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Floral Pitcher $80.00
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  1. Linda Friday says:

    The new site is lovely and I hope your new venture (and the adventures that fuel it) brings much success!

  2. Barry McAvoy says:

    Christine – you have the most amazing talent. Congratulations 😀👍🏼❤️♌️

  3. Priya says:

    Congratulations Chrissy! Your taste and eye for beautiful treasures is incredible. Excited to shop Harlowe James Home!

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