Sunday Wrap Up

Things Of Note This Past Week

I popped into J Crew this weekend browsing their new selection of pretty linen pieces. I am always drawn to linen for the spring/ summer and left with this incredibly comfortable dress. I love pieces I can throw on with no fuss (especially on vacation) and this is perfect for that. It is fully lined so not see through and can be dressed up or very casual with a woven bag and sandals. Other pieces I tried on and regret not purchasing are this bathing suit (going to go back for it) and this chic vest.

Jo Malone just brought back one of my favorite summer scents of all time. Frangipani Flower, with notes of jasmine and plumeria flowers was a limited release a few years ago and I use it so sparingly as to not run out. It instantly reminds me of Hawaii and summer vacation. I was even wearing it when I got engaged in Hawaii in 2019! I was so excited when I saw its re release in addition to some other florals that feel like a tropical transport. I also really like Sunlit Cherimoya.

I was on the hunt for a darker wash denim jacket forever, so I bought this in the Medium color. It is definitely an oversized cut so I probably should have sized down to an XS, but I like that its great for layering and the sleeves can be scrunched.

Clearly I am on a spring scent kick. I bought some fresh gardenias this weekend and the fragrance is an instant mood booster. I live in a very small space so you can practically smell them everywhere. It was a reminder that sometimes I need to pick up more fragrant flowers. Freesias are my other go to for this!

If you missed it on Instagram, I updated my Outdoor Shop with more in stock pieces which I will continue to add to over the coming months.

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