Sunday Wrap Up

Things Of Note This Past Week

After a bit of a hiatus from updating my shop pages (I’m trying to get better about that!), I finally refreshed the Summer Shop with a bunch of pretty new pieces I am loving for this season. I just purchased this dress which I have been living in already. I ordered both a small and medium and decided to size up to the medium even though it is slouchier because the cut is quite short. The material is so soft and is one of those perfect easy throw on dresses that still looks pulled together. It looks great paired with these sandals! I also updated my sunglasses for the first time in forever and am loving this oval shape. The very popular Celine style always felt too big for me, so I like this slightly smaller look.

I also added new classics to the HJ Home Shop including some stunning vintage mirrors and my favorite little accent dishes.

Summer is an odd time for my skin. I don’t live in a humid area and the amount of time I spend outside and in the pool often makes my skin feel dry and a little dull looking. In an attempt to feel more dewy, I recently tried this cleansing balm (which is on sale!) and don’t know why I waited so long. It is extremely hydrating, smells great and unlike some balms I have tried, fully absorbs into the skin instead of leaving a weird film on top. 10/10 recommend!

Perfect White Tee is one of my favorite shops for chic basics. During summer I am all about a classic lounge short, so I have been living in the Joel shorts around the apartment and to sleep in – they are pure comfort. I just ordered the Layla short which is similar in style, but comes in a ton of color options.

Ok this is a weird one, but it happens to me every summer. San Francisco is notorious for being cold and foggy during the summer months and although (luckily) Sausalito doesn’t get it nearly as bad – on those foggy days I crave a fall scent in my home. It just feels extra cozy compared to a light floral scent filling the air. I am always on the hunt for new fall candles to try out, and the Jack scent from Backhouse had great reviews and an under $40 price point. I LOVE! It is the perfect pumpkin fragrance – not artificial and the right amount of spice. I will definitely be buying more in time for fall.

I have been following Paula Sutton (Hill House Vintage) on Instagram for years and can’t get enough of her charming English home. I was so excited to see The Sunday Times do a video home tour showcasing all of the little details that make her space so special!

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