Sunday Wrap Up

Things Of Note This Past Week

This weekend we went into the city for our annual family Christmastime dinner which was so much fun. December is packed to the brim with family and friend gatherings every weekend and even as a true homebody, I love it. It is so fun to get dressed up every once in a while and celebrate the season. I don’t have a ton of evening bags and I had been on the hunt for a velvet pouch bag for a while, but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Anytime I have mulled over tons of pieces to no avail, I head to Etsy. I found this simple option and instantly purchased in black for under $30. It is so chic and worked perfectly for our night out. In my searches I also found this fun feather bag that is quite the conversation piece.

Continuing with budget fashion finds – I went into Target to get everything but a new sweater for myself and of course got sucked into the vortex and ended up with this super soft stripe in the red/pink combo. I have been drawn to more color lately and this instantly caught my eye. The cut is long which makes it easy to scrunch up and half tuck into jeans or even pair with a slip skirt. I love how soft it is and doesn’t itch at all!

I have always been a December deep cleaner (opposed to spring) which feels very counterintuitive to holiday decorating. I have talked about it in multiple posts, but after I take the tree down and put the decorations away, I love to start the new year with an organized home. Somehow the same spaces collect clutter every few months like it is their full time job, so I was determined to come up with a new solution for some, including my bathroom vanity. Our small apartment doesn’t allow for too much hoarding, but somehow with beauty products that doesn’t seem to matter. I finally decided to ditch my smaller plastic organizers for 6 larger baskets in the lower drawer of my vanity. These are so pretty and heavy duty (I got the large size) and easily sorted makeup, skincare and hair products. It was such a simple change that made a huge difference!

Another new year cleaning favorite is some fresh kitchen organization / accents. I go through all the ratty dish towels, add a fresh scent and organize all my food storage.

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