Thanksgiving Inspiration

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays! It is really hard to believe we are already in full prep mode, which is why I am not yet in a Christmas state of mind. I really do like to enjoy each holiday and season as they are happening or they kind of seem overshadowed by the next thing. I love Christmas and winter, but have always waited to start decorating until after Thanksgiving is over.

My parents host a giant Thanksgiving almost every year. This year will be one of the biggest yet with 25 people! With that many guests we clear out their dining room and add three large round tables. Even if you don’t have one table you are working with – they can still look beautiful and simply styled. I have rounded up a few of my favorite festive examples to give you Thanksgiving inspiration for your own homes and broke down what I always incorporate to make this a cozy day.

Even though most Thanksgivings are indoors, I pull from outdoor colors all the time.

What I’m Burning: The Williams Sonoma Spiced Chestnut candle has long been my go to for the fall season. We always have one of these burning in the living room on Thanksgiving to give off the perfect seasonal scent without being too sweet. It is a great alternative to pumpkin!

What I’m Using: There is nothing like a large grazing board in lieu of traditional appetizers. Because Thanksgiving is full of eating, we like to put out a simple cheese board as to not overwhelm guests with food before a giant meal.

Add In Some Color

I am normally the queen of neutrals but when it comes to tablescapes (especially in the fall) I love to layer color and texture. Colors don’t have to be in florals if that isn’t your thing. However the above right example showcases a stunning and simple floral. The vase gives off so much beautiful texture. I also love the image on the above left that incorporates color through bright napkins, candles and edible decor such as pears and grapes. You also don’t have to do traditional table coverings. In the shot below I took a super lightweight plaid blanket and threw it over the table to at a diagonal which helped with overall texture.

I will also be releasing a Thanksgiving Playlist with all of my favorite songs to play during the evening. Stay tuned for that!

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