‘Tis Autumn

Since Autumn is in full swing, I am in full nesting mode. We had a random very warm couple of days, but we are back to crisp foggy mornings which always translates to lighting an abundance of candles and embracing all of the comforts this season brings. I have talked about it at length in so many posts over the years, but this time of year brings a stillness we all crave and frankly need. For me, fall is a bit of a reset and a time to appreciate the simplest of moments from falling leaves to the familiar scent of cozy cooking. I wanted to share some of my current favorite autumn accents that bring more warmth into our small space this time of year.

Copper Accents

I have always loved the look of copper pots, but felt like I had to fully commit to a collection or have room to display them beautifully. However, on a trip to Paris a few years ago I finally bought my first copper sauce pot that I had been eyeing for years. I instantly fell in love with the hue in our neutral kitchen, especially during the fall. It is one of my most treasured kitchen pieces and although I don’t use it as a daily pot, I love to simmer a stovetop potpourri (see this post for my favorite mulling spices) and it gets a lot of use during the fall/winter months. A purchase of one pot changed my outlook on the material in general, but particularly in the kitchen. Next on my wishlist is a copper gratin pan and the other day I spotted this adorable butter keeper that I had to get for the countertop. Copper feels timeless and adds such a nice character all year long.

Fall Foliage

I don’t own a lot of seasonal decor pieces for Autumn or Christmas simply because we don’t have the space to store anything and I have always found the natural textures of the season make such a big impact. Every year I fill my space with fall leaves and branches or textural fruits like pears, pomegranates and persimmons. Layering in fairytale pumpkins from the grocery store help round out the look. I forage for bundles of leaves wherever I can or pick up a bunch from a local flower shop, but there are so many pretty faux options out now if you prefer that!

Warm Tones

I like having a neutral sofa to play around with different color throws and pillows as the seasons change, but it really works anywhere. A chunky knit at the end of your bed, some color on your kitchen or bath towels or even swapping out some artwork. Incorporating warm tones and a lot of candlelight helps transform to that cozy mindset as the sun sets so much earlier.

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