Under The TV II

I wrote a blog post in reference to furniture pieces that are ideal for under a TV a while ago, but I figured it was due for an update. It seems that furniture for under a TV can be one of the harder pieces for many to source since I often get asked about some of my favorites or the one I own (which is from Wisteria). When you have a long wall with no fireplace or built in cabinet, it can be a bit of a struggle to find something that adds interest and balance, but is also functional. Luckily, long gone are the days of the super low media stands and there are so many alternatives out there.

I think what many struggle with is the idea of a lot of cords showing or that your cable box has to be exposed. One of my favorite pieces to use for a TV cabinet is more of a traditional sideboard typically intended for a dining room. They provide great storage and often come in very long sizes. Although they are on the taller side (usually max out around 36″ inches) they look so chic and provide a ton of function. I have never had an issue with a cable box not working through the doors and if there is no hole in the back, one can easily be drilled for wires to go through. Another alternative if you are worried you would have to keep the door open when watching TV is to keep the cable box underneath the lowest part of the cabinet on the floor, which is what I do on my open style console. If you push it to the back you often can’t even tell it is there. TV’s have gotten so much thinner and lighter and there are also options to have everything professionally installed (cable box included) in the wall behind the TV so you see no wires or mess. When you go that route you could do more of an open style console below which allows room for large baskets or little ottomans. If you prefer that style, but are renting or don’t want to install everything behind the TV I love concealing wires with tall baskets below!

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