Winter Lounge & Sleepwear

You all know my love of loungewear and pajama sets runs deep. Especially this time of year I tend to find myself holiday shopping, only to have added something cozy for myself to the cart. It may sound trivial, but I honestly feel a difference when I put on nice PJ’s or an elevated loungewear set opposed to my giant t shirts and oversized sweats. Of course I will always love those too, but spending more time inside has me editing this random section of my closet often. I noticed some of my older sweat sets were starting to pill, so I ran my fabric shaver over them and they look good as new. I recently added this pullover and wide leg pant and have been LIVING in them! I even wore them to bed because they are so soft and comfortable. I love anything comfy that you can also throw a coat or sweater over and run errands in. As always you can get 15% off those pieces (and all Jenni items) with my code Chrissy15. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

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