Happy Holidays!

It really is hard to believe Christmas is this weekend, but I am very excited to take some time off and check out for a bit. I did that for the first time last year and it made the world of difference with actually feeling refreshed after the holidays and not more overwhelmed. I am taking this week off and will be back after Christmas, but pretty sparingly until the new year. I love starting off a new year with a fresh mindset and everything around me organized, so after the holiday is over I get into deep cleaning mode. I toss any old products in the medicine cabinet, clean out random drawers, delete old photos on my phone – anything that will make my life easier for the coming year. Especially with everything going in the world, the more calm things feel at home the better I function. I can’t thank you all enough for a wonderful year of supporting me and my small business. I am forever grateful. I hope you all have a beautiful holiday, however you spend it and remember to carve out some time for yourself!!

I will be baking my favorite easy White Chocolate & Raspberry cake – recipe here

I wore this dress for Thanksgiving, but might have to wear it again on Christmas Eve. It it just so comfortable! Although we don’t do much for New Year’s Eve I have so many pretty party dresses saved on my list.

Truly the easiest (and delicious) holiday cocktail

I was recently asked what some of my favorite winter candles are. While I have dozens, these are the ones I have been burning lately!

And if you’re like me and live in loungewear this time of year, you can see some favorites in this post. I am wearing the comfiest set – this and this: 15% off with code Chrissy 15

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