Lately I have been feeling very inspired by botanicals. I love the look of pressed plants and florals in artwork and candles. There is something so classic about them and at the same time, feel very current. I have also been looking for interior trees and house plants to shake up the few I pull […]

I love spending time in the kitchen, especially during the holidays. Although we won’t be entertaining this Christmas, I wanted to make a cake that felt festive and gave me an excuse to play around a bit. This cake has a raspberry jam layer, a white chocolate buttercream layer in the center and is topped […]

Mixing textiles is truly one of my favorite components to play around with in interiors. Some of you wanted to see a new pillow combination post and as always I don’t really belive in rules when it comes to this. I currently have three varying stripe pillows on my sofa and love the way it […]

This was one of my favorite recent questions because it is something I think about all the time. How to make your home feel warm, lived in and inviting, but not too cluttered. I have worked through this concept a lot with my own space the last few years and have found some simple techniques […]

This holiday season is obviously incredibly different than years past, but I am still determined to make the most of it at home. My approach is all about savoring a simple Christmas and elevating the smallest moments. With Christmas and a slew of other holidays upon us I am slowing down even more to soak […]

My bedroom has always been a bit of a retreat for me no matter where I lived. Growing up, I always took great pride in my bedroom and wanted it to feel like a true reflection of my personality. There is so much I would love to do to our room now to give it […]

In my latest Q & A I got a lot of questions about my favorite Etsy shops and my favorite places to buy more affordable vintage rugs. I have done a few of these in the past, but since most of the Etsy shops I love carry vintage pieces, they update often. I thought it […]

I have talked a lot about my love for Elsie Green in the past, but if you are new here it is one of my favorite resources for vintage French homewares. I recently had the opportunity to go to the stunning Elsie Green warehouse and shop in Concord and style a table using some of […]

This past week we got our Christmas tree and I started to decorate our apartment for the holidays. I always forget how instantly cozy all of the lights and fresh greens makes our home feel. I know the holidays will be incredibly different this year with a lot less family time and gatherings, so I […]