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New Playlist // HJ .06 Finally a new playlist! You all know how much I love putting playlists together, now so more than ever. I love opening up all the windows to get a nice cross breeze and enjoy some summery songs. You can enjoy the latest here. Furniture Shop. I receive a lot of […]

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If you have been here for a while you know how I drone on about my love for the English Countryside quite often. I am not sure if it is my quarantine nesting or my desperation to travel (lets be real it is definitely both), but I am becoming more of an Anglophile than I […]

It is crazy to think July is already here! I am finally getting back into the swing of some routines and kicking off a new month with a new playlist. Some days I feel like I have my music playing from when I get up to when I go to bed which can make the […]

When we purchased our Samsung Frame TV last year, I never did a blog post sharing details because I assumed everyone was well versed on it. I assumed wrong and still get a lot of wait.. what? That’s a TV?! Which means it really does work! Since questions come up a lot, I thought it […]

Happy Monday! It is hard to belive another week has gone by and June is about to wrap up. Some days feel so slow and repetitive and then I find myself thinking it’s hard to belive this year is halfway through. The past few months have had me thinking a lot. About everything big and […]

These past few months have almost felt like a blur. I went from a pretty routine planned out schedule to almost aimlessly wondering around my apartment unable to concentrate. Even though a lot has started to open up I am still being very cautious and because I already worked from home, not much has changed. […]

I have tried so many different accent rugs in our little entryway, bathroom and kitchen. For all of these spaces I often find myself coming back to a low pile vintage rug. Low pile rugs tend to work well because they don’t absorb too much water (bathroom, kitchen) and work with the swing of most […]

Summer is finally here! Although life may be a little different this summer I am still looking forward to safely clocking some hours in the sun. I feel so lucky to be able to utilize a friends backyard pool and because I am not going on a beach vacation anytime soon, I try and make […]

I have done a basic post on open kitchen shelving before, but because it is one of the more commonly asked about elements of our apartment I thought I would touch on it again. Before moving into this apartment, I had never lived in a place with open kitchen shelves. At first I thought it […]

A fresh week and a fresh perspective. I am finally ready to get back to blogging after a few weeks of taking time to be more present and reevaluate what I hope to do in this space moving forward. I am going to continue taking time away from Instagram (more to come on that later), […]

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