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My obsession with candles runs very deep. Not just candles, but small accents that can accompany the candle and change the look and feel, adding in another layer. I receive so many questions in regards to candles, my glass hurricanes and the little dishes you often see underneath a candle scattered throughout my apartment. You […]

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I know there is so much uncertainty going on right now, but many of you said you would like to see posting go as usual to keep things feeling somewhat normal. I contemplated postponing a lot of content, but a lot of you are at home this week (as we all should be if we […]

I think we could all use a mood boosting, relaxing playlist to listen to right now. I hope you are all staying healthy and safe! Listen to the new Mellow Mood here.

I know many of us will be cooped up inside as schools continue to shut down and a lot of you are now working from home. I am well versed in working from home, but I am already going a little stir crazy as I try to avoid going out for mundane tasks. I have […]

One of my favorite spaces to pull inspiration for is the backyard. Probably because I don’t have any outdoor space and I get so excited thinking about the day we have a house with some sort of yard. Now that the season is about to change I have gotten a lot of questions about suggestions […]

Last year I posted on my bedding basics, but I realized some things have changed since then so I wanted to update. I get a ton of questions on my bedroom – from my headboard to what sheets I prefer, so I thought this would be a good time to dive a little deeper. We […]

I have talked a lot about paring down my wardrobe extensively over the last few years. My goal was to get rid of anything overly trendy and really focus on adding in classic staples that I can wear a ton of different ways. One of the items at the top of my list was a […]

I am always moving pieces around our apartment and switching up decor, but when a new season is coming into play I get even more antsy. Especially in spring when the weather is beautiful, I like to go through our apartment and take stock of what I am really into and what no longer inspires […]

Natural fiber accents will always be one of my favorite additions to a room or my wardrobe. The offset of a beautiful warm texture can add so much without trying too hard. The cane trend is still going strong and while I love it, anything that gets too popular can start to get a little […]

I touched on this in my updates blog post last week, but I have slowly been changing things up around here which makes me feel so much better. After going through my closet and parting with anything that didn’t fit quite right, it got me started on a whole cleansing roll. After years of playing […]




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