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I posted a photo of my perfume tray yesterday on Instagram stories and got a bunch of questions on my go to fragrances. Perfume has long been one of my favorite beauty accents to buy. I don’t feel complete in the morning or before bed without a spritz of my favorite scent. I completely belive […]

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When we got the new dresser in our bedroom many of you asked to see a post showing how I style it and our nightstands. To be honest our bedroom is the main area I really don’t style that much. Things tend to stay where they are for long periods of time. Neither Daniel or […]

Many of you have asked for some good faux plant and floral options. I have yet to purchase any faux plants, but as for options that are much harder to take care of indoors like an olive tree, I find myself wanting to get some. I love a mini olive or citrus tree in the […]

Budget – The word budget has become one of the most common words in my vocabulary. I find myself saying it multiple times a week, thinking of how to budget my life better and budget client projects. We all live on some sort of a budget (unless you are Jeff Bezos who likely does not […]

On my future home list a dreamy kitchen is top priority. It doesn’t have to be massive, but something with enough storage space for all of my glassware and serving pieces. Over the past few years I have gotten really into collecting cool pieces for entertaining such as bowls, serving trays or etched champagne coups. […]

Art can be one of the hardest components of finishing your space. You paint your walls, install your new furniture, start adding in accessories yet the walls often remain empty for a while. At least this is always the case for me. I love art and have a large collection of photographs I move around […]

French Madelines are one of my favorite things to bake because they are so incredibly easy and taste delicious! All you need is the special pan to get the pretty shell shape. This recipe that I have adapted over time has just enough orange zest and all the good buttery flavor. Perfect to help beat […]

I mentioned during my Instagram questions yesterday that I would do a blog post elaborating on the the topic of growing your Instagram following. This is a pretty common question among people just starting a blog or wanting to gain more traction with their business account. It is even something I think of myself from […]

I make this green smoothie a couple times a week, so I thought I would finally add it to the blog for reference. I love it because it is extremely filling and only takes a few quick minutes to make. I am just now starting to get in the habit of making my smoothie packs […]

Sourcing furniture and accessories for projects or my own home may seem like it could be daunting, but it has become one of my favorite components of design. For me, it always feels like a game – trying to put a puzzle together and constantly searching for the missing pieces. I know many of you […]




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