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Vases and vessels will forever be one of my favorite home accents. I constantly feel like I am buying them – on trips, at cute home stores, or scouring sites like Etsy for unique vintage options. I love having a ton of vases in varying sizes since I always have fresh flowers around and they […]

Happy Monday! Although things have been very busy around here, I am looking forward to a new week ahead. As the weather slowly turns I am starting to feel my mood change a bit. It is amazing what a good dose of sunshine can do. I have also been reading The Gifts of Imperfection by […]

Continuing with my latest series – The Classics, I wanted the next installment to be on the bedroom. Although I eventually want to design our bedroom (ideally when we move), I have long loved a classic neutral room that serves as a nice retreat at the end of the day. I find this works really […]

I get asked a lot of questions on the daily about various pieces in our apartment, but I think the most asked about as of late has to be our pine sideboard in the living room. I updated to this early last year after searching high and low for the perfect sized console that I […]

01. It is no secret I am obsessed with all things English, so the most recent Emma movie and Bridgerton are giving me all the colorful inspirations lately. The way pattern and color are infused throughout every scene makes me incredibly happy. 02. It has been a while since I ordered personalized stationary and now […]

I was recently asked if I could put a post together with some of my go to picture frames including gallery style for hanging on the wall or with a back to prop up on a table. My go to frame is the Wood Gallery from Pottery Barn. You can see them throughout my apartment […]

With a new month comes a new playlist. You can listen to the Hj. 07 playlist here. Enjoy!

Happy February! This past weekend I really started to crave spring. I am trying to be so much better about enjoying the present moment and time, whatever it may be, but I can’t help but long for warmer sunny days. I am feeling very inspired by nature as always, but continue to be drawn more […]

As this week comes to a close I wanted to share a few going -ons around here and some updates to note. I am looking forward to another quiet weekend at home, hoping to put a new playlist together and make some shortbread cookies. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Moving forward my […]