Do you ever get to the point where you feel like so many of your home accents suddenly need to be replaced at once? I feel like I go in cycles where my dishes are beat up, bath towels are so worn out and bedding needs an upgrade. Luckily I have slowly been swapping out […]

Over the years I have gotten a lot of product specific questions on everything from my favorite bedding and bath towels to everyday household items that I use the most often. I try and link most pieces on my individual shop pages and have done a few posts breaking down basics such as my bedding, […]

Happy Monday friends! The photo above made me instantly crave two things, a trip to Paris (or let’s be honest, anywhere) and a sunny Spring day. As January comes to a close, I am feeling very inspired by cheerful hues like green and yellow, scents that remind me of the green rolling hills after the […]

Moda Operandi has long been one of my favorite places to shop online, but now that they have grown their home collection I find myself visiting their site even more. This is not a sponsored or collaborative post, I truly love their curated selection of home pieces that feel incredibly special. Many are more investment […]

Although I have been a little too busy to get new posts out as often as I would like, I am excited I finally started re working my shop pages to make them a lot easier to see the individual pieces. With the previous layout, items would get clustered together and were visually harder to […]

I recently shared our bedroom and had mentioned that there was so much I wanted to do to it, but was going to hold off in order to save money until we get a home. I have kept our bedroom very simple and neutral because I don’t get bored by it and it works well […]

I don’t know about you, but since 2021 started I have not been feeing fully motivated or completely like myself. I think starting a new year in the midst of a lockdown and pandemic makes it very hard to hit the ground running and I definitely have to adjust my expectations. I had a couple […]

Ah, the New Year always feels like the perfect time to purge anything we are no longer using and go to town on decluttering for a fresh start. I was especially anxious to clean up after Christmas because there were some smaller projects I was waiting to tackle until after the holidays. We have struggled […]

I am excited to kick off a new series on here called The Classics, highlighting classic components for different spaces that aren’t trendy, but functional and beautiful. Starting with the kitchen, my favorite room in our space. I love the feeling of a curated kitchen, filled with pieces that serve a purpose, but are also […]